K.C. Conway

Five pieces to the appraisal puzzle during COVID-19

Although the guidelines that U.S. financial institutions must adhere to for “Federally Related Transactions” are now a decade old, they are still the road map for appraisers when performing an appraisal ...

Coronavirus and CRE: Government Finance Interventions

K.C. Conway discusses the pros, cons, and considerations for industry professionals regarding the Federal Reserve's recent interventions to stimulate the economy, the FDIC's loan modification guidance to banks, the new loan ...

Tenant/Landlord Solutions

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Industry

K.C. Conway shares helpful insights and tips for commercial real estate professionals to navigate the ever-changing environment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nation waits on Congress

Fed and other agencies step up

The Federal Reserve along with many other government agencies, housing authorities, industry associations, corporations, and small businesses are literally throwing everything they have to prevent a depression. 

Fast and Furious

The big takeaway from this week is that unimaginable stimulus is coming in probably 2-3 waves that is going to target workers first, cities and states second to shore up unemployment ...

Advancing Relationships.