Advancing Relationships.

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What Makes Momentum Different?

What Makes Momentum Different?

Industries: Education, Education, Residential Real Estate

Markets: Athens (Limestone County), Baldwin County - All, Baldwin County - Condo Only, Birmingham Metro, Calhoun County, Cherokee County

Momentum University is gearing up to be a game changer. This conference aims to build momentum in each attendees’ business, personal life and mindset. With so many Real Estate conferences out there, one may wonder, ‘What makes this one different?’

This inaugural Real Estate conference, set in beautiful New Orleans, April 11-12, 2019, aims not only to motivate each audience member but to truly inspire change.

The three things that went into the development of MUCon include:

  2. Location, Location, Location

My wife and I have been exposed to the California coast from years of being dedicated conference junkies (one of the qualifiers we think makes us great hosts) - Our vision is to create the same exposure of the Southeast as we’ve had with the West Coast.

If you’re lucky enough to already live in the South, this is a road trip kind of conference.

The fellowship I’ve built, elbow to elbow, in the car with agents is irreplaceable - I hope that this conference being close to many offices within the Southeast will inspire the same type of bonding.

New Orleans is known for its extraordinary cuisine, nightlife and culture - so we thought, ‘What better place to make this a true, learning getaway?’.

To top it off, the French Quarter festival, which is so much fun - lands on the weekend following our event. The hotel discounted rates extend through the weekend, as well.

Our vision is to continuously pick out ideal cities in the South with high walk scores and great festivals so we can maximize our attendees time and make it a win-win for exploring, learning and bonding.


  1. Networking is KEY!

Some of the best relationships I’ve made happen outside of the conference meeting space.

Think: rubbing elbows while enjoying a poboy with like-minded agents from across the country.

In the case attendees are introverted, like me - we’ve built in networking experiences throughout the day.

MUCon starts with Yoga or Running clubs in the morning, offers a long leisurely lunch break and a happy hour to conclude the day.

There is also the opportunity to utilize your lunch break in Mastermind sessions with Jon Cheplak and Sharran Srivatsaa if you opt for the VIP ticket.

My vision is to create a Facebook style group where members can suggest meet ups such as:

“A bunch of us are going to get Beignets, who wants to join?”

I’ve made connections at conferences that have lasted me a lifetime and I hope the same for attendees of Momentum University.


  1. Continued Resource & Education Platforms

If you’ve ever left a conference with a notebook full of notes and no clue how to take action - rest assured, this conference will be different. In fact, some studies say we only retain about 3% of what we learn with speakers!

We’re currently developing an Online Learning system, complete with whitepages, learning modules and more to make sure this valuable information sticks.

We’ll have each speakers session recorded for re-reviewing after the conference as well as detailed learning modules on various topics within our industry.

Keep an eye out for our first complimentary, pre-learning activities by joining MUCon’s mailing list.



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Advancing Relationships.