Boxer Properties and Stemmons Enterprise Andrew Segal to Discuss the Impact of Technology on the Next Generation of Property Managers at the 4th Annual Alabama Real Estate Management Forum

Andrew Segal, Chairman and CEO of Boxer Properties and Co-Founder of Stemmons Enterprise, will present on what skills the next generation of property managers will need at the 4th Annual Alabama Real Estate Management Forum powered by IREM and ACRE on August 22, 2019, in Birmingham, AL. Segal’s presentation will focus on the impact that technology is having on responsibilities of property managers.

As technology continues to advance within real estate, property managers are finding that technology integration can be a challenge at first, if not truly understood. “We need to use technology to make better business decisions more efficiently. This allows us to spend more time doing the things that matter” says Segal. “Take the iPhone as an example, 20 years ago we never would have thought we would be able to have all the power that we do right in our pocket. Now we can solve everyday problems efficiently and effectively without even thinking twice about it” says Segal. Segal will touch on 3D visualization for viewing space, electronic funds transfer for lease payments, and maintenance requests inside ‘experience’ applications. Segal stresses the importance of not only understanding technology but also understanding the impact that technology has on business processes. The session will aim to educate on technology advancements that have integrated into business processes and operations for property managers.

Segal founded Boxer Property in 1992 and since has grown the firm into a variety of market segments including office, hotels, retail space and other real estate businesses boasting over 20 million square feet of space across the United States. Additionally, Segal founded Stemmons Enterprise in 2016, a software company catered to large organizations dealing with complex processes and workflows.

For more information about the conference, or to register, visit the event registration page.

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