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Financial Analysis with Real Estate Marketing (FARM)

Financial Analysis with Real Estate Modeling (FARM) is an online self-paced Microsoft Excel course that teaches users how to financially model commercial real estate (CRE) investments from scratch. Starting with the absolute basics in Excel, FARM includes 6 levels that progressively get more difficult. Each of the levels includes background pages that break down concepts, definitions, and key real estate terms as well as an instructional voice-over video recording that users can follow. At the end of each level, there is a quiz that tests comprehension of the material covered. The videos total approximately 5 hours in length and the course typically takes anywhere from 7 – 10 hours to complete depending on the user’s initial skill level.

As a student subscriber to NXT Nation, you will have course access to earn this important credential (will be viewable on LinkedIn and great for your resume) through our partnership with FARM (Financial Analytics w/ Real Estate Modeling).

Outline of the FARM Curriculum:

  • Level 0: Excel Basics
  • Level 1: Basic Unlevered Calculation
  • Level 2: Unlevered and Levered Investment Property Analysis
  • Level 3: Multi-Property DCF Analysis with Different Amortization Examples
  • Level 4: Advanced Property Analysis with Rent Roll
  • Level 5: All-Inclusive Case Study

Additional Career Skill Building Partners

Break into CRE Academy

Enroll in the Break into CRE Real Estate Financial Modeling Crash Course to see how easy it can be.

Adventures in CRE

The Accelerator is a comprehensive, case-based, real estate financial modeling training program. It is used by dozens of top real estate companies, including investment firms such as Goldman Sachs and Hines, to train the next generation of real estate professionals.

The program consists of 16 core courses curated to present the right information in the right order to accelerate real estate financial modeling mastery. The learning is supported by an interactive student-instructor forum with over 1,000 discussions (and growing daily), an Advanced Concepts section where we regularly add new modules that explore the more nuanced techniques in real estate financial modeling, and a growing library of supplementary resources such as Watch Me Build videos, practice case studies, technical interview exams, and mini-video tutorials to help you augment your practice and learning.

All members who complete the 16 core courses receive the coveted ‘A.CRE Accelerator Certificate of Completion (unique to them with a custom URL) that can be shared on LinkedIn and with employers to confirm completion of this rigorous real estate financial modeling training program.

Discounts are provided to the University if purchased in groups of 10 or more.

Accelerate Your Career

The commercial real estate industry’s #1 provider of real-world training.

Software Training and Certification

Build on your commercial real estate knowledge and expertise with our ARGUS software training and certification courses.