KC Conway to Speak at ACREcom 2018

“2017 is likely to go down as the year of disruption,” said Alabama Center for Real Estate’s (ACRE) Director of Research and Corporate Engagement and CCIM Chief Economist, KC Conway.

A cornucopia of disruptors are dramatically changing both the national and local real estate landscapes.

Conway will identify these economic disruptors and communicate innovative solutions to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity at ACRE’s eighteenth annual commercial real estate conference and expo on February 9, 2018 at The Club in Birmingham, Alabama.

Conway’s sophisticated strategies are derived from his thirty years of commercial real estate experience in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining ACRE and CCIM, Conway served as Senior Vice President of Credit Risk Management at SunTrust bank in Atlanta, Georgia, Chief Economist at Colliers International, and a Commercial Real Estate Subject Matter Specialist for the Federal Reserve. His dynamic experience and key connections drive his evaluations and insight.

“The 2016 election, the landfall of two category four hurricanes, and the explosive growth in e-commerce industries have changed the industry as we know it,” said Conway.

The “Year of Disruption” is not likely to end with the passing of 2017; brokers who hope to garner success in the concrete jungle will be forced to adapt new strategies to navigate the modern market.

The pugilistic political climate in United States leaves an array of issues on the table. Trump’s administration, the appointment of new Federal Reserve chair, and the impending tax reform are the most critical factors that will affect the industry.

Incoming Fed Chair Jerome Powell has echoed past chairs promises to create competition within the current Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae “duopoly” and ensure that the housing finance system can continue to function even in the case of another housing crisis.

“The FED is not changing its tone. Powell’s leadership will be a continuation of Janet Yellen’s and Ben Bernanke’s monetary policies. The power lies with congressional leadership and the tax reform, which we will see play out over the coming months,” said Conway.

Fundamentally, the marketplace is performing on all cylinders. Asset prices are rising, inventory is scarce, demand is high, and deals remain strong.

“We’ve been waiting a decade for these conditions. The job market is healthy, cap rates are rising, and over $1.1 million housing units are under built. The foundation is sound; the marketplace will be dictated by a “wild card”. Will there be a terrorist attack? What is the future of Bitcoin? Those are the questions we should be preparing to answer,” said Conway.

Conway and other conference presenters will be dissecting the economic and real estate trends at the national, regional, and statewide levels at the all-day program on February 9, 2018. For more information about ACREcom, or to register for the event, visit

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