ACREres: ‘Wow sellers, win listings and inspire referrals’

In order to build a sustainable real estate business, an agent has to win listings and generate referrals from those successful sales.

On May 4, the Alabama Center for Real Estate will host the Alabama Residential Real Estate Conference & Expo, ACREres, at The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham.

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The day-long event will feature a number of speakers and panelists from around the Southeast.

Curtis Lewsey, cheif appreciation officer at Listing Power Tools, will present twice during the day with the morning session “Listing Power: Show Up, Stand Out, Win!” and the afternoon session “Inspiring Referrals Through Database Mastery.”

“If you stand out, you win,” said Lewsey. “On top of that, people talk about you.”

Lewsey’s presentation will be based on the teachings of Robert Palmer and his book “Listing Power: 11 Rules of Real Estate Success” a book that will launch this spring ahead of the May 4 event.

Both presentations will have elements from both the print and digital worlds of marketing.

“When you get that listing, you market the heck out of that property,” Lewsey said.

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Lewsey said attendees will receive a workbook they can make notes in throughout the sessions that will focus on “wowing sellers, winning listings and inspiring referrals.”

“You have to inspire referrals,” Lewsey said. “You want to create a snowball effect…You want people to think of you at a high level.”

Lewsey said that it is important to show up and deliver a presentation that stands out even to those you know or may be related to you.

“Show up like nobody else,” Lewsey said. “Never neglect those you know.”

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