REAL Charts: Dothan 1Q sales up over last year

Dothan saw a 12 percent hike in home sales during the year’s first quarter.

According to the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s Dothan Residential First Quarter Report – 2017, there were 315 homes sold in the area over the first three months of 2017, compared to 281 during 1Q 2016.

Click here to read the full Dothan Residential First Quarter Report – 2017

As seen in the chart above, Dothan’s home sales during the first quarter have risen each year since 2012.

Dothan reached its recession low that year at 206 sales, and home sales during the first quarter are less than 10 percent off the 2007 peak of 348.

The median sales price for homes sold in Dothan during the first quarter was $139,045, up 7 percent over last year.

Homes sold in the area spent an average of 164 days on the market, up slightly over last year’s 162.

Inventory in the area declined 7.5 percent to 1,031.

Click here to see how Dothan did during the first month of the second quarter

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