Alabama’s Week in Real Estate (June 17)

WiRE is the acronym “Week in Real Estate” and is digitally published every Saturday morning. The WiRE is categorized geographically and is designed to help real estate professionals, affiliates and consumers follow all the major news stories that impact real estate in Alabama.

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The Alabama Center for Real Estate‘s core purpose is to advance the real estate industry in Alabama by providing relevant resources in the areas of research, education and outreach. ACRE was founded in 1996 by the Alabama Real Estate Commission, the Alabama Association of REALTORS and the Office of the Dean, UA Culverhouse College of Commerce. ACRE is not a state-funded entity, rather its operates in part because of support of Alabama real estate licensees, the goodwill & generosity of the ACRE Corporate Cabinet and other ACRE Sponsors

Contact Grayson Glaze at 205-348-7714 or to learn more about the ACRE Corporate Cabinet and/or the many levels that companies & individuals can get involved with ACRE and support the advancement of Alabama’s real estate industry and the consumers and businesses it serves throughout the State of Alabama.

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