Get more bang for your buck in Birmingham-Hoover

When it comes to living in an area with the highest salary, often times that comes with a significant cost of living increase.

In fact, the top cities in America with the highest salaries (San Jose, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Fairfield County, CT. and New York) come with the highest cost of living, according to a recent report from

The report said when adjusted for cost of living, a person can stretch their check longer in Birmingham-Hoover than anywhere else.

The average salary in the Birmingham-Hoover metro is $76,886, the report said, but when adjusted for cost of living, that stretches to $86,196, putting the Alabama metro at the top of the list.

Jackson, Miss. ranked second, while Memphis came in seventh on the list.

Other southern metros included Knoxville at No. 15, Chattanooga at No. 19 and Baton Rouge at No. 20.

None of the top-salaried coastal markets made the top 20.

If you want to know where your salary stretches least, that’s in Honolulu, Hawaii.