Dana Duckworth to Speak at ACREres

University of Alabama’s head gymnastics coach, Dana Duckworth will be delivering the lunch keynote at ACREres, the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s second annual residential real estate conference and expo on May 3 at The Club in Birmingham. This year’s FlashForward theme focuses on the future of real estate data, trends, and technology, as well as leadership in the workplace.

When it comes to leadership, there are few people who know its importance better than Coach Dana Duckworth. She has spent eighteen years coaching women’s gymnastics at the University of Alabama. Fourteen of those years were spent serving under veteran coach Sarah Patterson. In 2014, Duckworth succeeded her predecessor as the University of Alabama’s as head gymnastics coach. That year Duckworth became the first in league history to lead a team to an SEC gymnastics championship as a first-year head coach.

Duckworth will be speaking on integrity, class, discipline, and accountability at the conference.

Duckworth doesn’t just know about leadership from leading the Crimson Tide’s gymnastics team; the award-winning coach is married to Joe Duckworth, a partner and investor at Keller Williams Tuscaloosa. She knows firsthand the gravity of leadership and teamwork within the real estate community.

What is Duckworth’s coaching style like?

“She is all about positivity. Her coaching style is marked by encouragement and learning from mistakes,” said assistant Robin Kelley.

Positive reinforcement is just one aspect of her coaching style. The gymnastics veteran believes it is important to be well-rounded no matter what field or arena a person is in.

“At Alabama, we want to develop gymnasts who enjoy great success both in the arena and in the classroom, but more than that, we focus on developing the whole person. “That’s always been one of the cornerstones of this program and its success,” said Duckworth.

To hear more about leadership in the workplace and teambuilding from Coach Dana Duckworth, join us at ACREres on May 3rd  at The Club in Birmingham. To register for the event visit:

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