NiceNets’ Chuck Niswonger to Discuss Big Data and AI Technology at the 4th Annual Alabama Real Estate Management Forum

Chuck Niswonger, President at NiceNets Consulting LLC and Chairman of the Investment Management Advisory Council, will present on big data and AI technology at the 2019 Alabama Real Estate Management Forum powered by IREM and ACRE on August 22, 2019, in Birmingham, AL. Niswonger’s presentation will focus on the future of data applications for property management.

As firms continue to invest in innovation, “the bar is being raised in terms of what occupants are expecting from their spaces, and data can help property managers meet these expectations”, says Niswonger. The CRE industry is not immune to advancements in technology, and tenants have different expectations than they did 20 years ago. Niswonger aims to help property managers address these changes in expectations through AI technology and data trends.

Niswonger’s session will share insights on how property managers can use data and AI technology to create higher efficiency and to more effectively meet tenant needs. “Investing in technology takes time on the front-end but frees up time for innovation and creation in the long run”, says Niswonger. Additionally, Niswonger will speak on the evolution of legacy systems, excel, startups and the future of CRE technology.

Niswonger is a passionate leader in CRE technology and has guided companies through technology modernization in multiple industries. A seasoned consultant, Niswonger brings a wealth of knowledge on several trending topics within CRE such as AI technology, machine learning and data analytics. Prior to his career in consulting, Niswonger spent 8 years as an IT Director for Jamestown Properties in Atlanta, GA.

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