Arlington Properties Jim Dixon to Deliver Lunch Keynote at at the 4th Annual Alabama Real Estate Management Forum

Jim Dixon, President of Arlington Properties, will present on the importance of fostering a strong culture and a commitment to a vision in the real estate industry at the 2019 Alabama Real Estate Management Forum powered by IREM and ACRE on August 22, 2019, in Birmingham, AL. Dixon’s presentation will focus on the integration and execution of a vision into everything a company does and everyone who works there.

“To create lasting success, a firm must have a vision that is focused and is supported by a strong culture within the company” says Dixon. A trending issue in all industries; company culture is based on the vision of a firm, along with the core values that support that vision. Furthermore, that vision must be shared to become integrated into the culture. “Having a continual focus has allowed us to be successful in what we do” says Dixon. Dixon will speak on how vision and culture has allowed Arlington Properties to succeed in many areas including development, construction, property management and more.

Founded in 1969, Arlington Properties is celebrating their 50th year of business in 2019. Traditionally focusing on suburban apartment development and management, Arlington Properties has excelled under Dixon’s leadership. Dixon currently serves as the President of Arlington Properties, a role he has held for over 8 years.

For more information about the conference, or to register, visit the event registration page.

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