Ronnie Lee Phillips to Discuss the CRE Market Cycle: 2020 & Beyond at the 1st Annual Alabama Appraisal Forum

Ronnie Lee Phillips, principal advisor at RealStar Realty Advisors LLC, will present on the how to use the momentum of the real estate market cycle at the 1st Annual Appraisal Institute Fall Forum on October 2nd, 2019, in Birmingham, Ala.

The focus of his presentation is on the cyclical movements of the real estate market cycle.  Phillips will look back at the late 1990s run to the massive boom of 2006 – 2007, and the devastating aftermath in the recessionary/bust phase of the cycle in 2008-2013. He will also discuss the current recovery phase of the cycle and why he believes there will be no recession in 2020.

Phillips believes a keen understanding of each phase of the market cycle is crucial to every complex real estate decision-making process. Real estate professionals can use the momentum of the cycle to make correct choices when investing or advising clients about the long-range impact of financial decisions made at different phases of the real estate market cycle. “The real estate market cycle is just like the sun,” said Phillips. “It is going to come up tomorrow and when the sun sets the moon is going to rise. You can’t predict it with such regularity, but the cycle will tell you exactly what strategy you must pursue in the upcoming phase of the cycle to prosper.”

The 1st Annual Alabama Appraisal Institute Forum will also feature presentations by Fitzgerald Washington, secretary of labor at the Alabama Department of Labor, and KC Conway, director of research and corporate engagement at the Alabama Center for Real Estate and CCIM chief economist. The forum is open to anyone interested in the topics to attend.  It is approved for four hours of continuing education by the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board and three hours of continuing education by the Alabama Real Estate Commission. For more information about the forum or to register, visit the event registration page.

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