Technology in real estate will continue to advance in 2017

There’s no doubt technology has changed the real estate industry and how real estate professionals generate leads and market their business.

Matt Fowler, co-founder and CEO of Huntsville-based Solid Earth Inc. said to look for more changes in innovative technology in real estate in 2017.

Solid Earth currently serves more than 60,000 real estate professionals around the world and has been a provider of innovative technology to the real estate industry for more than 16 years.

One of those innovations is online generation software, which has changed the real estate landscape since its inception.

“It has now empowered the agent,” Fowler said. “In the past, you needed to have a big budget for market, but now with media, you can buy things like lead generation for your company.

Fowler discussed ways that the online generation software has changed the real estate landscape.

Fowler said easily accessible data is vital for Realtors across the country.

“If it’s not number one, it’s definitely in the top three,” Fowler said.

Having access to sales information is probably one of the most important aspects of the real estate industry, he said.

Another major thing to look out for out from Solid Earth this year is a new app startup, ShowMeGo, also based out of Huntsville.

It’s still a work in progress, but the future of home shopping is finally here, Fowler said.

It is the first real estate app that allows homebuyers to shop for a new home and go there in minutes. This app connects Realtors with potential homebuyers who are ready and willing to meet.

Solid Earth has also partnered with the National Association of Realtors to wire software application onto their new API (Application Program Interface).

Fowler said Spring is an easy to use consumer- facing website that allows members to plug into the API and build their own user interfaces.

Fowler said Solid Earth has a lot of new projects that the real estate industry can definitely look forward to seeing in 2017.

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