Dr. Alexa Chilcutt to Speak at ACREres

Communication is the key to any client-based industry. Effective communication is to real estate what oxygen is to life-you cannot survive without it.

The Director of Public Speaking at the University of Alabama’s College of College of Communication and Information Sciences, Dr. Alexa Chilcutt will share key communication insight and strategies at the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s second annual residential conference and expo on May 3, 2018 at The Club in Birmingham.

Chilcutt will explain the importance of impression management, non-verbal communication, and methods for building immediate rapport.

She notes that first impressions are up to 90 percent non-verbal. The smallest details matter most. Are you making eye contact? What are you wearing? Are you looking at your phone instead of the client? Did you arrive late?

With just seven seconds to make an impression, it’s critical that people pay close attention to both nonverbal and verbal communication techniques. We have lost some of the most basic rapport-building skills because we are communicating in flat contexts like e-mails and texts rather than face-to-face.

She points out that the importance of a prepared pitch. Whether you are at a soccer game, a networking luncheon, a chamber of commerce event, or even a school function you should always be prepared to say who you are and what you do. Your response should not be a basic, fill-in-the-blank answer. Chilcutt preaches the importance of a hook.

“Humans have the attention span of a goldfish which is about 8 seconds. Telling someone your name and your occupation isn’t going to make you memorable. You have to catch them with a hook. What sets you apart from everyone else?” said Chilcutt.

Methods of business communication have changed and continue to change at a rapid pace, but the ways in which we build trust, rapport, and our own credibility in the marketplace are foundational.

Chilcutt will teach attendees how to create statements that get to the essence of their personal personna and generate narratives that highlight strengths in order to create and identify their “hook” at ACREres.

To learn how to create your narrative and the best business practices of today,  join us at ACREres on May 3rd  at The Club in Birmingham. To register for the event visit:

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