Small Business Incentives with a BIG Impact

Black Patch Distillery is a newly formed craft distillery in Madison, AL that opened its doors on June 22, 2018. One of its owners, Leslie Hinchman, had visited us at the Madison IDB in 2017 to discuss her plans to open a craft distillery in Madison, AL.

Black Patch is a family operation consisting of Master Distiller Gary Cooper, son Clayton Hinchman and his wife Leslie. When Leslie presented her ideas for Black Patch to the IDB, we immediately saw the benefit of providing incentives to help this new local business get started.

The City of Madison Industrial Development Board’s main purpose is to stimulate, promote, and assist in the location and development of new industries and business enterprises within or near the City of Madison, Alabama and to further the continued expansion, attraction, and retention of those certain industrial activities and businesses.

It is exciting to be a part of the IDB and the important work it does in providing incentives for businesses like Black Patch Distillery, a combat-veteran owned company that donates a portion of every bottle to veteran’s charities.  The City of Madison is benefitting from the jobs and sales taxes created from this new business, the veteran community is benefitting from the donations given and the community benefits from the unique offerings that Black Patch has: HEAT whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, Rye whiskey and its new Orale spirit derived from Blue Agave Nectar, all distilled in Madison, AL.

Last week we visited Black Patch Distillery for a tour, follow up, and conversation with Gary about his decision to locate in Madison, AL. We saw first hand how the small business incentives provided by the City of Madison IDB made a BIG impact on this local business. The growth of local businesses will continue to increase demands on neighboring real estate markets making it a win-win. Much like Black Patch Distilling Company’s mantra:  EARN. EVERY. DROP; the City of Madison Industrial Development Board is excited to provide incentive opportunities and earn business every day.

For more information and directions to the site visit their web page at  Better yet, take a quick drive out to Madison and visit the distillery first hand.  Be sure to make a purchase……every day but Sunday.

The Madison IDB group visiting Black Patch Distilling.

Laurel and Taron both serve on the City of Madison Industrial Development Board and are members of the Alabama Center for Real Estate Leadership Council housed in the Culverhouse College of Business at the University of Alabama.