ACREcom2020: Learn to Leverage LinkedIn with Cherie Moman, ACRE’s Director of Education, Marketing and Communication

ACRE’s Director of Education, Marketing and Communications, Cherie Moman, will host a session on “Leveraging LinkedIn” at ACREcom this Friday, February 4, 2020.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform tailored specifically to professionals. It is a place where they purposely engage with content to help build their professional lives and career. It is the most trusted social network and is one of the most visited websites in the world. In the US, it is ranked at 11 as most visited, right behind Netflix.

Moman will discuss how to break through the noise and leverage LinkedIn for businesses and careers by building a compelling organic presence on the digital platform. A self-professed tech geek with a master’s in interactive technology and in marketing with a specialization in digital and social media, Moman has a rich history in presenting on emerging social media. She regularly instructs technology and marketing classes for the real estate industry and has presented at NAR Tech Edge.

“LinkedIn has become more than a place to post your resume. Professionals are actively engaging on the platform with purpose and content. Posting organic content is a great way to set yourself up as an expert and trusted voice in your field,” Moman shared about her talk.

The last 12 years out of Moman’s 30-year marketing career are in the real estate industry. She has five years of experience as a real estate technology and marketing instructor, and is certified on several digital marketing platforms, including Hubspot, Hootsuite, Twitter and Google. She is a designated CREI, e-Pro, ABR, Green and AHWD.

Learn to leverage LinkedIn with an expert marketer and communicator in the real estate industry this Friday at ACREcom!

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