Alabama land broker instructs Kansas Realtors, bringing ALC designation course to Montgomery

I recently instructed the three day Land Investment Analysis course in Kansas City.

This is a required course to earn the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation of the Realtors Land Institute (RLI). A lot of ALC candidates are afraid of this course because it involves a lot of math including discounting cash flow streams.

I rewrote this course in 2002 so that the math could be performed in Excel spreadsheets and have updated these spreadsheets into templates that do the math for the student.

The class was very diverse in several ways: (1) student location with 24 students from 14 states, (2) years in the real estate field from brand new to over 40 years, (3) gender with 16 males and 8 females, and (4) experience with discounting income streams, cap rates, commercial real estate, etc. There were commercial brokers with the CCIM designation and brand new agents selling hunting tracts.

One of the things I like best about teaching LIA and Land 101 which are both required to earn the ALC designation is that I get to see the cream of the crop of real estate agents as they work to better their skills by earning the ALC designation. In June 2017 there were only 490 agents and brokers nationwide holding the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation and only 19 in Alabama. Those are truly the most professional land brokers I know. I am proud to say that there are three ALCs in Great Southern Land and other GSL agents working toward this designation.

Here are some stats from the course:

24 students. One had taken the online course and did not need the test. He said he was taking the course to refresh his knowledge.

Exam results from 23 student exams

High 98
Low 71
Average 89
Median 92

14 different states were represented. I have taught in 24 states, DC and Canada and this is by far the biggest distribution of states I have had in a class. AR 2, CO 3, FL 2, IA 2, IL 1, KS 2, MN 1, MO 1, MS 2, NM 1, OH 1, SC 1, TX 4, WY 1.

For anyone wishing to pursue the ALC designation I will be teaching the two day “Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage” in Montgomery at the Alabama Association of Realtors building in downtown Montgomery Thursday August 3 and Friday August 4.

The flyer for the event is below